A Kiddush Fountain Makes a Stunning Addition to Your Shabbat Dinner Table

A Kiddush Fountain makes a stunning addition to any Jewish home, whether you’re hosting a large family gathering or simply want to make your Shabbat dinner table more beautiful and functional. These wine fountains feature a large Kiddush cup over which the blessing is recited, with smaller cups flowing into it from below. This allows the host to serve the blessing wine in small cups to each guest and creates a sense of awe as the wine flows. It also avoids the awkwardness of passing around personal Kiddush cups, ensuring that everyone gets their fair share of wine and a clean cup to drink from.

Kiddush is a central ceremony of Judaism that involves the consumption of wine and grape juice before a meal begins. The blessing is recited over the grape juice or wine, which sanctifies the food that will be eaten for the rest of the evening or holiday. While it’s not required to say Kiddush before every meal, it is an ideal way to begin any festive meal, bringing in joy and happiness with the recitation of the blessing.

Most people use red table wine for their Kiddush, which is a tradition rooted in ancient Jewish culture. However, it’s perfectly fine to use non-alcoholic grape juice for the Kiddush as well. Some people also prefer to use other types of alcohol as their Kiddush, such as whisky or brandy.

Many families have a unique Kiddush cup that serves as their own heirloom. These silver or gold vessels are adorned with intricate designs that tell a story, often featuring Jewish landmarks or symbols like stars of David. Others have engraved details such as initials or titles of the family members, or even a passage from the Bible. Modern Judaic designers have taken this concept further, creating a series of amazing Kiddush cups that are not only a work of art but also serve the practical purpose of being easily distributed to everyone at the table.

One of the best-known examples is the Yair Emanuel Kiddush fountain, which features a single big Kiddush cup from which wine flows into 8 matching smaller cups beneath it. The main cup is crafted from rare polished silver, and the smaller cups are created by hand with a hammered pattern. This is a unique and beautiful set that would make a fine gift for any occasion.

Another popular model is the nickel fountain, a beautifully designed set that includes a big Kiddush cup and eight smaller cups. The large cup is shaped to have a handle on top, and the smaller cups have been hammered with a spotted pattern. This style is very popular in Israel, and the result is a beautiful and practical piece of Judaica that is sure to enhance any table.

There are many other choices of beautiful and practical Kiddush sets available at Zion Judaica, including a silver and glass model that is perfect for families. You can also find a personalized Kiddush cup to make the experience more special and memorable for the occasion, such as a wedding or Bar Mitzvah.

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