A Rockwell Hardness Tester For Sale Is an Essential Tool For a Variety of Industries

A rockwell hardness tester for sale is an essential tool for a variety of industries. Metallurgical laboratories, quality control departments and failure analysis teams use these instruments to determine the level of hardness for various metals and steels. This is an important factor in the production of industrial components, automotive parts and durable goods.

These testers can be used on either bench-mounted or portable units. These devices measure the hardness of a metal sample by making an indentation on its surface. The size and depth of the indentation is then analyzed to determine the material’s hardness. In order to make the most accurate and reliable measurements, the test surface must be clean, flat and free of any imperfections.

There are several different test methods available for measuring the hardness of a metal, including the Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers test. The Rockwell method uses a diamond cone or steel ball to penetrate the surface of the sample. The penetration depth and the impression left behind are then analyzed to determine the material’s strength and stiffness.

The Brinell test is more complex than the Rockwell method. It requires a larger indenter to mark the sample, but it is capable of testing harder samples because the spherical indenter distributes pressure evenly. This is also the preferred method for testing rough materials. The results are more difficult to read than those from the Rockwell test, but they are more accurate and reliable.

Buehler is a long-time leader in the design and manufacture of metallographic equipment for cross-sectional inspection. Their line of rockwell hardness testers includes manual and electronic models that measure both the Rockwell and Brinell scales. They are ideal for industrial and manufacturing applications, including heat treat operations and tool rooms.

A portable hardness tester is a small and lightweight device that can be used to measure the hardness of metals on-the-go. These devices come in a variety of models that can be configured to use the Rockwell, Brinell or Vickers method. Many of these models can also convert the measured hardness value into a number that is easier to read.

These devices are designed to be portable and easy to operate. They can be configured to test the hardness of a wide variety of materials, including metals, plastics and even large and bulky parts. Many of these models are equipped with a built-in battery for power, so they can be used in the field without the need for an external source of electricity. They are also available in a range of sizes to accommodate a variety of test samples.

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