Accounting Hattingen

Accounting Hattingen is a profession that deals with the collection, evaluation and interpretation of financial data. Accountants also know how to use this data to provide companies with insight into the performance of their operations. They can help them identify areas where cost savings can be made, as well as suggest new ways to improve efficiency. However, the field of accounting is not without its critics. Some claim that it has become too focused on meeting the needs of its clients, rather than ensuring the integrity of the financial data it collects and analyzes.

The protestant Hattingen is occupied by Spanish troops during the “Julich-Klevischen Erbfolgestreit”. Count Adolf von der Mark gives the city rights and three guilds. In the “Blankensteyn” area, there are 52 active coal-mines.

With the construction of a railway, a new era begins for the city and its region. The “Rauendahler Kohlenbahn” (railway for coal transportation) is the first in Germany.

In the so called ‘Reichskristallnacht’, the Nazis burn down the synagogue at Bahnhofstrasse and scavenge jewish homes and businesses in Hattingen. Nikolaus Gross, a catholic resistance fighter from Niederwenigern, is beatified in St. Peter’s Square in Rome.

Sparkasse Hattingen is a member of the Savings Banks Finance Group and currently ranks 319th out of 361. Its core business is retail banking which encompasses the provision of high quality products and services for private customers, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as public-sector institutions. The bank also offers deposit insurance. Its long-term credit rating is A+, the highest possible rating in Germany. Buchhaltung Hattingen

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