Air Conditioning – Controlling the Noise of Your HVAC System

Ever wonder why your air conditioning system makes so much more noise than other systems that you see? Do you have to turn up the volume on the TV when the A/C starts up? Do you have to more to another spot in the house when you are on the phone because the air started to blow? I will offer some suggestions as to how you can make your air conditioning system quieter.

The main thing that you need to identify is that the noise is coming from the air moving through the vents. Then make sure that the vents are not broken or partly closed. If they are partially closed then you need to find out if they are just closed by mistake or to balance the system. Remember that if you close some of the vents then the air moved by the blower will have to be forced out of the other vents in the system. If there is too much air for the remaining vents to handle then they will become noisy. Sometimes there just simply is not enough space for the air top get out because there is a shortage of vents installed in the system. I have seen many systems that are this way because the contractor chose to skimp to cut costs on the installation.

Another place that many contractors chose to cut costs is in the balancing dampers that should be installed in the takeoffs from the main trunk lines of the ductwork. The absence of these dampers forces you to balance the air flow with the dampers in the floor or ceiling registers. This restriction at the point of entry into the room makes noise and is very annoying. Simply installing dampers at the correct location so that the branch lines can suck up the noise will solve that problem.

As you can see there are some things that can be done to eliminate noise that comes from your HVAC system. If your contractor tells you that there is nothing that can be done about your noisy system keep on looking till you find a competent contractor that can help you find the source of the problem and correct it. Your system does not have to wake the dead forcing you into all kinds of inconveniences because of the noise. With proper planning and the proper amount of supply and returns with dampers in the right locations, you can have a very quiet and comfortable system. Hvac parts near me

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