Benefits of Plantation Shutters in Gateshead

Plantation shutters are a window treatment that can add a unique and sophisticated touch to any room. They are a stylish alternative to traditional blinds and are available in a variety of styles, colours, and options. These window coverings provide more than just aesthetic value and are a great addition to any home, whether you want them in your bedroom or on a staircase landing. They also offer practical benefits such as control over light and privacy.

These window treatments come in different materials including wood, composite, polymer/faux wood and vinyl. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Wood is the premium option for plantation shutters and offers superior quality, durability, and appearance. However, it can be expensive and is prone to warping and fading. It can also be difficult to maintain in areas with high humidity such as steamy bathrooms and kitchens. Composite is a durable alternative to wood and has the added benefit of being easy to clean. Polymer/faux wood is an economical choice and looks like wood but insulates up to three times better. Vinyl is a less expensive alternative to the other two but doesn’t hold up as well and requires more maintenance to keep looking good.

When closed, plantation shutters are a great way to insulate your home and help it retain heat. This is particularly important in the winter months and can help reduce energy bills. However, they do not provide a complete blackout effect and you will still be able to see light shining through the louvres when they are shut.

Another benefit of plantation shutters is that they are easier to clean than many other types of window coverings. Many can be dusted or wiped down with a damp cloth. This is especially useful if your home has children or pets. The solid construction of these window treatments makes it possible to remove dust, dirt, and pet hair with a vacuum cleaner brush attachment or by using a Swiffer duster.

Unlike many window coverings that can be dangerous for children, plantation shutters do not include cords which are a common source of strangulation for young children and pets. This is because they operate with levers instead of cords and are easily out of the reach of children. They can be operated by adults and are a safe alternative to blinds, curtains, and other window treatments that may present a risk.

If you’re considering plantation shutters for your home, it’s important to choose a local professional that specializes in these window treatments. A reputable company will have years of experience and can offer you a wide range of products. They’ll be able to help you choose the right type of shutters for your style, climate, and budget. They’ll also be able to recommend accessories such as tilt rods, hinges, and frames. A reputable company will always be happy to answer any questions you have. They’ll also be able to provide a free, no-obligation consultation. plantation shutters gateshead

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