Best social media tools to grow your business

Social media has gained its own importance in our everyday lives. We rely on Social Media for various purposes. One of the popular social media platforms is Facebook that it holds over 2 million active accounts. Other platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are some of the other popular ones that are growing year by year.

Day by day, we can see an increase in the number of social media users, and if you still not using any of the social media platforms to grow your business, then you are definitely missing the best opportunity ever.Some of the household terms that are actively using and exploring includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. These platforms provide wide range of opportunities to share your brands and convert users and even visitors to our customers. Remember the fact that, you are not the only one who are targeting the customers to grow your business. All active social media channels are now a platform for competition that you need to step up your own campaigns to attain your goals. Now, the influencer marketing and user generated content has occupied its own space in the social media industry.All social media platforms are updating itself with the latest trends that if well utilized, you can stay on top of the game.Below listed are some of the social media tools that will help you keep your social media presence active and strong. Let’s dive into it.• Unbox SocialTo grow your industry in a way you dreamed of, you need to continuously analyze and monitor your performance. This is the same in case of social media. There are a lot of analytical tools available where not all of them work well and give you in-depth analysis. So, for better social media analysis and reporting you need to go with the best analytical tool.Unbox Social is a social media analytical tool that works well and give you an in-depth analysis on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. With the help of this tool you can easily track various metrics to measure your performance. Now, with this tool your analysis process works easier and quicker. With this tool you can even generate social media reports in pdf, Ppt or xls formats and you can customize the reports by the time period for which you want it as well as by the format.Another feature that Unbox delivers is the news feed where the home page of unbox displays news feed section just for you. This keep you updated on what’s happening in your industry and you don’t miss out a single piece of news anymore.• BuzzSumoBuzzSumo is a tool that measure social reach. This tool holds various features like competitor research, content insights, and brand monitoring. The powerful content insights feature allow you to identify the content that your audience are looking for and it optimizes the content marketing strategy to drive management. With the reports and insights, you can have valuable information that aids in enhancing your campaigns. It mainly covers snapshots of most shared domains by social network, content overview, and analysis of your content across various social media platforms. Another advantage with this tool is that, it makes competitor research easier that let you know where you actually stand. This comes in the form of competitor content performance reports, and competitor comparison reports.• Buffer ReplyBuffer is a social media tool to drive a campaign which involves a number of social media platforms. Buffer reply is one of the tools that buffer offers. The features of buffer reply make it more convenient for you to manage conversions across all social media inboxes via single platform. As customer service management holds large space on social media, buffer reply offers the features that help you do the same.This tool allows you to make meaningful interactions with your audience that you can get full overviews of conversations with customers. Along with all these, Buffer offers another tool named Analyze that help you to track your performance through the facts on social media and lets you know which content performs the best. health and social care

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