Bilanz Hattingen

Bilanz Hattingen

The team at our office in Hattingen has a wealth of experience in the area of taxation. We are aware of the importance of your individual situation and take care to ensure that we provide you with a solution that is right for you.

We are dedicated to helping our clients resolve their problems as quickly and smoothly as possible. That is why we are always available to answer your questions and concerns.

A clear and transparent understanding of your financial position allows us to identify areas of potential risk and develop effective solutions.

Moreover, we can also advise you on issues such as succession planning and estate settlements.

The team at our office in Hattingen is dedicated to assisting you with your tax and business affairs, and has the expertise and resources to help you navigate these challenges.

Our service offerings include the creation of your annual financial statements (Bilanz, Gewinn- und Verlustrechung, EUR) as well as preparation and analysis of your profit and loss statement and balance sheet.

In addition, we will work with you to develop an integrated management information system for your business.

We will create your annual financial statements in both paper and digital form, ensuring that you have the most up-to-date information on your company’s financial performance.

Achieving optimal profitability is essential for your business. We will advise you on how to achieve this through the implementation of innovative accounting practices, and how to optimize your internal processes to reduce costs and improve productivity.

The team at our office in Hattingen can also advise you on all aspects of corporate law. For example, we will guide you through the many legal complexities that can arise when a merger or acquisition takes place. We will also assist you with drafting the necessary documentation for your business transaction and prepare you for the relevant legal proceedings. Bilanz Hattingen

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