Cheap Holiday Destinations From Australia

The world is your oyster, and while some countries are expensive to visit from Australia, others offer a hefty slice of the best that life has to offer without breaking the bank. Our top cheap holiday destinations from Australia include world-famous capital cities, exotic islands and tropical paradises, the world’s largest barrier reef, lush rainforest and spectacular wilderness.

When many people think of a cheap tropical holiday from Australia, they immediately picture Bali. The famous Indonesian island is a dream destination for budget travellers and offers one of the most affordable international holidays from Australia thanks to its stunning beaches, amazing diving spots and incredibly affordable accommodation. In fact, you can get a full meal for less than $2 among the local warungs (food stands) and even enjoy an indulgent spa treatment at a fraction of the cost.

Other affordable and popular cheap tropical holiday destinations from Australia include Byron Bay and Hervey Bay. Both are located on Queensland’s beautiful Gold Coast, and both are popular for their surfing, whale watching, family-friendly activities and pristine white beaches. While it is still expensive to fly to Byron Bay in peak season, you can save by travelling outside of high season and staying in hostels or private rooms rather than resorts. Hervey Bay is a bit cheaper as well, especially in the off-season months of March and November when the weather is perfect for swimming.

Cambodia is another of the cheapest places to travel from Australia, with the Australian dollar stretching further than ever on this popular Southeast Asian tourist destination. Party it up on Pub Street in Siem Reap or soak up the sun on a Cambodian beach and you’ll soon see why this is a destination where your dollars will go further than most.

If you’re a keen hiker or wildlife lover, then Kangaroo Island is the ideal cheap holiday destination from Australia for you. This gorgeous sandstone island is home to a range of natural wonders, including secluded swimming beaches and rugged coastlines. And, unlike some other popular Australian destinations, the locals here are very friendly and will welcome you with open arms.

You can also save money by travelling off the beaten track and exploring the many small, quaint towns that pepper Western Australia. This is particularly true of the Clare Valley region, where you’ll find a plethora of cheap things to do, such as nature walks and op shops.

Western Australia is a great option for budget travellers and it is especially cheap in the off-season, from April to August. You can get cheap flights from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to Perth in this time frame. It is also the cheapest time to visit Hervey Bay for whale watching and to see the sandstone cliffs of Yanchep National Park.

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