Choosing Conservatory Roof Replacement

It may have been more than a decade since your conservatory was installed, but the roof is one of the first components to show signs of wear and tear. If the structure is leaking, sagging or moulding it’s time to look into replacing it, ensuring that your conservatory can be used all year round for the purposes it was intended for.

Upgrading your conservatory roof doesn’t just improve the look and feel of the space, but can actually add value to your home. Newer roof systems are better insulated and help to reduce energy bills all year round, as well as helping to prevent condensation and glare on the inside of the room.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade an older conservatory or you’re buying a property with a dated sunroom, Eco Roofing SE can design and build a solid replacement roof in any style including Victorian, double-hipped, Gable or lean-to. In addition, they can install a wide range of doors including French, bi-fold and uPVC options in styles like Edwardian or Orangerie, P or L-shaped.

Glass roofs –

If you want to retain the conservatory’s sunny, outdoorsy feel, a glass roof is an ideal option. They’re also better insulators than polycarbonate roofs, and you can choose from self-cleaning or low-emissivity glass to lower your energy bills and make the room more comfortable all year round.

Tiled roofs –

A tiled conservatory roof transforms the structure into something that more closely resembles an actual building, and can be a good choice if you’re not set on keeping the traditional conservatory look. They’re also less prone to leaks than polycarbonate or glass, and you can get roof tiles in a wide variety of colors and styles to suit any taste.

However, a tiled roof can be colder and harder to heat in winter, and you may find yourself needing extra heating to keep the space comfortable. They also tend to attract moss growth, which can damage the roof and block drainage points.

When choosing a tiled conservatory roof, make sure the installer can include external soffit lighting as this will help to prevent moss and algae from forming. It’s also worth ensuring that the roof can be fitted without the need for tie bars as these can increase the risk of condensation. Thankfully, the UltraRoof can be built with up to 4m spans for bi-fold doors and doesn’t require them as it uses the roof structure to carry the weight – saving you money! It’s also engineered and rated to wind and snow load requirements, so you can be confident that your new roof will stand the test of time. conservatory roof replacement

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