Choosing the Right Garage Floor Paint

Garages are no longer the dreary, dark and dank rooms that simply gathered old tools and miscellaneous junk. Today more homeowners are discovering the benefits of a well maintained and properly finished garage floor where the once cast off place to hide has become the 21st century showcase for vehicles, appliances and repair shops. Having a finely finished and aesthetically pleasing garage floor is a key to achieving a useful utility room in your home. To provide the safest and best quality flooring epoxy for your garage floor it helps to know a few things before you start so you can be sure you’re using the right garage flooring system for the right floor type.

First know your plans for using the garage and select a garage flooring product that is appropriate for your needs. You may just be storing a vehicle or two but perhaps you will also use the garage for car repairs, home projects involving saws and drills, a recreation room for children, a utility room for a washer/dryer hook up and many other tasks that need a solid, high quality coating to ensure durability and surface protection. Knowing how often a garage floor will be used, the degree to which it will encounter tough stains and spills and the traffic passing over the flooring surface will make it easier for you to select a concrete floor epoxy that is affordable and fits all the requirements of your garage floor.

There are several high quality¬†garage flooring finishes¬†and materials that can be used to provide a solid, safe and durable surface for your garage floor. Concrete floor paint, water-based epoxies, latex paint, interlocking tile floors and PVC rubber flooring are just a few of the many materials you can use to safely protect the surface of your garage floor from liquids, oil, detergents and even acidic substances. Your budget will play a factor in the grade of epoxy or paint you choose but you’ll still have a lot of control in determining the degree to which your floor is protected, waterproofed and sealed.

If your garage will be used to showcase mint condition vehicles then a durable, interlocking floor tile is a great option since it can feature diamond, ribbed and smooth surfaces that will contrast nicely with the sparkle of the vehicle finish and be a high grade protective grip layer for shiny tires to rest on. For garages that will second as wash rooms and recreation rooms a 100% solids formulation kit is recommended since it is specially designed for garage floors and is easy to install and maintain. For everyday use including repair shops and work areas a 2-part epoxy floor system that features epoxy, topcoat and non-skid additive so your floor is safe from traffic, common spills and other debris. diamond painting tiere

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