Data Disaster Recovery: What You Should Know

Data is a key resource for business organizations, government entities and individuals. Proper management, storage and protection of information is essential to the survival of any entity. Crucial business organization information is usually comprised of media files, company records and encrypted data. Effective data disaster recovery solutions help to restore lost information in case of a major computer malfunction or other disasters.

Business information is prone to several risks, such as corruption of files, theft, being destroyed or compromised, viral intrusion, system crash, software problems or physical damage to a disk. Studies suggest that nearly 31% of all computer users lose their files due to events that are under their control. US businesses that stored data on computers reported 4.6 million data loss cases in 1998. The estimated cost of the loss was $11.8 billion.

Data Disaster Recovery: Emerging Technology of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an emerging technology used to achieve effective data disaster recovery solutions. The concept has emerged as a popular frontier for information storage, management and protection. The technology uses ‘the cloud’ for recovery of business information and involves interlinking of hundreds of server networks across the world, to create a cloud or one super computer. The technology enables people around the world to upload and run several applications at the same time.

The technology uses the mirror effect, which is commonly used in most online backup systems. Multiple servers are updated whenever the main parent server is updated. The process takes place in real time. The Cloud BUR (Cloud Backup and Recovery) is a subset of Cloud Computing. The technology has made rapid progress due to the involvement of several IT giants, such as Google, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, IBM, VMware, Dell and Fujitsu. Further, the increased need for data disaster recovery solutions at cheaper rates has added to its popularity. draas solutions

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