Diamond Painting Accessories

Whether you’re looking to get started with diamond painting or are an experienced crafter, there are many different accessories that can help you create stunning works of art. The right tools can make the process easier and less stressful, while also saving you time and money in the long run.

1. Paint Brushes and Pens

One of the most important tools you’ll need is a good brush. A brush can come in many different styles, from a simple sponge to a foam roller. Both types work well for painting diamonds and will save you the time of using a traditional paintbrush, which can be awkward to hold.

2. Wax and Glue

Another essential tool you’ll need is glue to stick the diamonds onto your canvas. While this may seem like an obvious necessity, it’s easy to forget that the diamonds can sometimes get loose or fall off your canvas if you’re not careful. Having this at-hand will ensure that your finished piece stays on your wall and can be proudly displayed.

3. Extra Drills

Depending on the project you’re working on, you might need to order additional drills of varying shapes. Round diamonds are easy enough for beginners, while square drills fit neatly, edge-to-edge on canvases, creating cohesive, seamless rows.

4. Organizer and Storage Boxes

While diamond painting kits usually come with everything you need to complete your project, they don’t have the same level of organization. If you’re prone to misplacing things or are working on multiple projects at once, you can invest in a diamond painting organizer that has slots for trays, pens, and waxes. This way, you can keep track of all the tiny pieces and never lose a gem again!

5. Rolling Pins and Extra Wax Pads

Finally, it’s important to have extra wax pads on hand. You’ll never know when you might need to use them, especially if you’re on a painting spree!

The diamonds are very small, and they don’t stick to your canvas without a little bit of help. This is why it’s a good idea to have some extra wax on hand, so you can pick up the diamonds and place them onto your canvas.

It’s also a good idea to have some roller tools on hand if you find that your drills are slipping off your canvas, because these tools can help you apply a consistent amount of pressure to each drill so that they remain stuck.

6. Light Pads

If you find yourself constantly working with diamonds in dimly-lit areas, it might be a good idea to buy some light pads that can illuminate your work. This will allow you to see your project more clearly and avoid eye strain.

7. Ergonomic Applicator Tools

While most diamond painting kits will include a standard drill pen, you may want to consider investing in a pen that’s shaped to match your natural hand curve. This will provide a comfortable grip and make the whole experience of diamond painting more enjoyable. diamond painting zubehör

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