Digital Job Hunting Strategies

The digital landscape of job hunting is evolving, from one-click applications and online interviews to ATS systems and emailing your resume to friends and family. But these changes don’t mean that the old tactics no longer work. In fact, savvy job seekers are using technology to their advantage, leveraging apps, social media and networking sites that speak the employer’s language.

A well-known slogan in sales is “Always Be Closing,” and it could be a good idea for job seekers to adopt a similar mantra: Always Be Searching. Even if you’re happy in your current position, it’s a good idea to keep searching for new opportunities and to update your resume, work samples and portfolio frequently.

Revise your profiles on networking and information sites, as well as on fun ones such as Facebook, TikTok and Twitch (if you’re a gamer). Keep them professionally focused, but be careful not to bombard your networks with daily status updates that say “I’m looking for a new job!” Instead, share an announcement when you find something new.

Networking via friends and family, as well as offline events like conferences, remains a popular strategy among job hunters. A 2015 Pew Report showed that 79% of recent job seekers relied on their network for help finding a job, and it’s not just about the number of people you know, but how they can connect you with job openings. Digital job hunting strategies

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