Divorce Lawyer in Haifa

A Divorce lawyer in Haifa will be able to help you navigate the complex Israeli legal system and provide you with the highest level of service. This will include ensuring that your case is properly prepared and presented in court. They will also be able to work with you and your spouse to negotiate a settlement that works for both parties. If your case does have to go to court, a qualified lawyer will be able to represent you in both the family (secular) and Rabbinic courts as needed.

During the course of marriage, couples accumulate assets from many different sources such as cash, real estate, and investments. During the breakdown of a marriage, these assets can become a source of friction, especially when there are children involved. An experienced attorney will be able to help you establish who owns what and how this will affect the final divorce decree.

In addition to assisting with divorce matters, an attorney can also help you determine whether divorce is the right option for your situation and can assist you in resolving other family law issues such as separation agreements. Hait Family Law can also advise on alternative methods of resolving family law problems such as counseling, mediation or even creating a reconciliation agreement (which is not technically a divorce) that allows you to identify the issues and work on solutions without actually divorcing.

As an American-Israeli who made Aliyah himself, Jay Hait understands the difficulties of adjusting to a new culture and language in your advanced years and is committed to compassionately helping Anglo-Jewish clients with their legal needs. This includes both domestic and international family law issues including divorce, property, child custody, child abduction / Hague Convention cases. עורך דין גירושין בחיפה

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