Do I Need a DWI Lawyer to Help Me Through the Judicial System?

Do I need a DWI lawyer? The answer is yes. Every year lawmakers attempt to and often succeed in enacting tougher DWI laws and more severe penalties for offenders of driving while intoxicated. Driving while intoxicate is a serious charge to face and when an individual is arrested for DWI they should seek help right away.

A DWI arrest will impact an individual’s life in many ways. Loss of driver’s license, jail time, substantial fines and increase in auto insurance rates are just a few of the consequences to be faced for a DWI arrest. Current and future employment could be impacted from such a criminal arrest.

By seeking the assistance of a DWI Lawyer who specializes in DWI the outcome of an individuals case could have a more positive outcome than if the individual tries to face the charges on their own. A DWI lawyer specializes in the criminal defense of DWI offenders.

They use their expertise to get a case reduces or even dismissed. Some states can have very strong penalties for first time offenders and especially severe penalties for repeat offenders. All states have adopted their own legislation and laws that set the standards for drunk driving or legal intoxication at specific blood alcohol content. The average blood alcohol content level is .08 or higher.

Some states have laws that allow an offender to be charged as being impaired or DWI if their blood alcohol content is between .05 and .07. There are many states who have Zero Tolerance for drunk/impaired drivers under the age of 21. personal injury lawyer near me

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