How I Get ALL The Subscribers I Want, And You Can Too!

That’s a very bold title, and even more impressive because I DO
get all of the subscribers I want on a continuous basis. How
can this be true and how do I do it?

First of all, I do have limits on the number of subscribers that
I want. How many subscribers I desire on a list depends upon the
purpose of that list. I hope that you build your lists the same
way. Many online entrepreneurs just build lists as large as
possible without any real concern for how qualified the list
members are. They reason that if they get enough email addresses
and names someone will eventually buy SOMETHING. What you should
really be shooting for is lists of pre-qualified members… those
really interested in the purpose of your list.

If you build pre-qualified lists you don’t need lists as large
because the lists will be so responsive. It won’t seem like your
mailings are “shots in the dark.” You won’t have the problems
that plagues so many lists such as:

– People signing up with throw-away email address which they soon
abandon. People will want to make sure they don’t miss an issue
because they are genuinely interested in your list topic.
– People who sign up for ten times as many ezines as they can
possibly read. These subscribers don’t know what they are looking
for and therefore aren’t your ideal subscribers. You want to
attract mostly subscribers who know and want exactly what you
have to offer.

But how do I get all of these highly targeted subscribers? It
is through a number of throughly tested systems which I put in
place and let them take on a life of their own. I’ll share a
few with you.

The first system that I put in place is that I have a subscribe
box on virtually every page of my websites. However, I don’t
want just anybody subscribing. Therefore, the teaser near my
subscribe boxes tells what type of subscriber I am looking for.
Far too many people have subscriber forms that just say “join
our list.” To further ensure that my subscribers know EXACTLY
what they are signing up for, I have sample copies of my ezines
posted on my sites for them to preview. Also, as soon as they
signup, the welcome message has the latest issue included. This
reassures the subscriber of exactly what he will be getting
and shows him what to anticipate with each weekly issue. If the
ezine isn’t what the subscriber expected, he only needs to click
on the unsubscribe link to remove himself.

Many people have a signup box on their site, but not many make
sure they are getting targeted subscribers. This just leads to a
lot of bounced emails and angry people who forget that they
subscribed. Highly targeted subscribers grow your list faster
because they stay longer. A more responsive list doesn’t need to
be as large to provide you with all of the business you can

A second system I have implemented on my site is a customized
list building tutorial. Site visitors take a survey and are
provided with a tutorial based upon their answers to a few
questions. The page featuring the survey also tells them that
they will be added to my subscriber list where they will get
more priceless information. This works like magic. I just need
a few links on strategic pages pointing to the survey and I get
a steady trickle of new subscribers automatically. If I were
not getting enough subscribers through this system, I would
probably add a popunder box pointing to them survey.

A third system that I use to get new, highly targeted traffic is
that I actually BUY them for some purposes. For example, I have
a course I offer from my site. I get new subscribers through a
service called Lead Factory. Lead Factory sends me new
subscribers through popup boxes on high traffic sites. The
subscribers are highly targeted because my invitation to get the
coures is very specific. They know exactly what they are getting
and so I get the exact subscribers I want. The beauty of this
system is that I can control exactly how many people are taking
the course at any one time. Why would I want to limit the number
of subscribers? Because many of the subscribers email me with
questions and feedback as they take the course. If I had too many
subscribers to the course it would become impossible to keep up
with the email. I want to keep up with the email because by
communicating with my course subscribers I turn many of them into
loyal customers. youtube views

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