How to Apply Eyebrow Gel

Eyebrows have quickly become one of the most-coveted makeup features. They frame the eyes, draw attention to the face’s best features and help pull a look together. So it’s no surprise that eyebrow gel has risen to the top of many beauty editors’ and makeup artists’ favorite products. The formulas can help thicken brow hairs, add color and help them appear more sculpted and tamed. But there’s a lot to know about how to apply it correctly in order to get the most out of your purchase.

The first step in any eyebrow routine is to brush away any product, dirt and oil using a cotton pad, a reusable or disposable mascara brush or a new spoolie. This helps ensure that the brow gel adheres and doesn’t flake or leave behind any residue.

Next, if you’re applying a tinted eyebrow gel, make sure to use a shade that matches or is a little lighter than your natural brow colour, says Maribeth Madron, global brow expert for Maybelline New York. “If you use a shade too dark, the tint will look harsh and unnatural,” she says. “The best way to avoid this is by dipping your spoolie or toothbrush in some clean brush cleaner before brushing on the gel.”

If you’re going with a clear brow gel, choose one that’s a good fit for your desired look. For instance, some have wide-bristled spooly brushes that are great for creating a fluffy finish, while others have short bristles for ultimate precision. It’s also a good idea to find a formula that contains ingredients such as ginkgo biloba, keratin and proteins, which can help keep your brows looking healthy and strong.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect shade for your brows, start by brushing it onto the brows using short strokes. Then, use the spoolie that came with your brow gel or a fresh spoolie to comb them in the direction that the hair grows. “You can also use the spoolie to distribute any pencil or powder fill-ins for an even, polished look,” Madron says.

The final step is to touch up any areas that need extra attention, such as a patchy area or an over-plucked stray hair. To do so, lightly tap the spoolie against the side of your head to remove any excess gel and then re-brush your brows in the same direction they grow. This helps them stay tamed all day long.

For a more dramatic effect, use the clear gel with the spoolie to create a defined or more feathered style. And for those with super thick brows, this gel is ideal. The clear formula has a glue-like consistency that holds even the most snarled brows in place without making them look crunchy or hard. And its dual-sided applicator offers both long and short bristles to comb the hairs and shape them into place. It’s easy to use, especially if you have a speedy beauty routine and need to quickly touch-up your brows on the go.

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