How to Choose the Best Free QR Code Generator

A QR code generator turns any URL or text into a scannable barcode that can link to websites, text, email, videos, audio files, documents and more. These codes can be printed on flyers, business cards, products, menus and even billboards. They are a convenient way to direct users to specific content online and off, making them an effective marketing tool for businesses of all sizes.

There are many free qr code generators available online. Most of them work the same way – users enter the information they want encoded and click ‘generate’. Most offer options to customize the QR code before downloading it as an image file. Paid generators may also provide more advanced tracking and analytics features. Some may even offer free trials and minimal fee premium plans.

The best qr code generators make it easy to create customized designs and unique QR codes that are both readable and eye-catching. They also offer customization features such as color and font, allowing users to create a unique design that fits their brand. Some even allow users to add a logo to their QR code, which is useful for businesses who need to be identifiable with their brand.

A good qr code generator should provide a variety of file formats, including png and svg. The latter is a vector format, which means that it can be scaled without losing quality. It should also have a simple UI that is easy to use and customizable. Additionally, it should be able to track and analyze QR code performance. Finally, a good qr code generator should support multiple mobile devices.

Unitag is a great free qr code generator that offers a large number of pre-designed QR codes with beautiful graphics and colors. This makes it easy to find a design that matches your brand, and there are several customization options, including the option to replace the standard square shape with a custom-designed one. Users can also change the color of the module and eye shapes, use gradients and shaded colors, and even add a shadow to their QR code.

Visualead is another reputable qr code generator that allows users to customize the size of their QR code. The process is simple and requires no registration or signing up, and the final product can be downloaded within seconds. The website also allows users to choose between a variety of download formats, including png and svg. However, the user experience could be better and the website is difficult to navigate. It is also not as intuitive as some of the free alternatives on this list.

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