How to Choose the Best Portable Fire Pump

Fire pumps can help control a fire until firefighters arrive. They divert water from nearby streams, ponds, pools or shallow wells to buy time when fires break out in buildings, brush or wooded areas.

Firefighting pumps are available in a variety of sizes, capacities and water pressures to meet specific needs. The best portable fire pump is lightweight and durable, making it easy to transport and use. Some fire fighting pumps are electric start, while others are recoil start. Both types of fire fighting pumps are easy to operate with the simple turn of a key or pull of a handle or cable.

Some manufacturers specialize in creating fire pump models specifically for wildland applications. These units typically feature a smaller engine, a shorter pump shaft and a sturdier construction to help firefighters maneuver through dense brush and other terrain. They can also be easily transported in a truck bed.

Choosing the right fire fighting pump is crucial for your home or commercial facility. Feld Fire has a wide selection of pumps to meet your unique requirements, including low, medium and high pressure units for pressurizing water in your fire suppression system.

These top 10 fire protection pump manufacturers lead the industry with advanced technology, innovation and dedication to quality. Their experience and commitment to safety positions them as the preferred choice for firefighting pumps worldwide. Investing in their products ensures that your fire suppression systems are up to the task when it matters most.

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