How to Choose the Right Employee Communication Apps for Your Business

employee communication apps offer a wide range of features and come at different prices. However, the right one for your organization depends on your specific communication needs — which might be sharing up-to-date business news, fostering collaboration, or building community. You should clearly identify your goals and conduct thorough research to assess the functionality of different communication apps against those requirements. Considering factors like user experience, integrations, and scalability can help you narrow down your options and find the perfect employee communication app for your team.

The best employee communication apps are easy to use and accessible by everyone. This way, you can connect with your colleagues instantly and collaborate with them even when you’re working remotely or in the field. Most of these tools also provide features for instant messaging and file sharing. Moreover, they allow you to send notifications, host live video calls and virtual meetings, stream town hall sessions, and more.

SnapComms is a feature-rich communication tool that includes a targeting capability, which lets you send messages to discreet groups of employees. The tool also allows you to schedule messages for later delivery. Other notable features include a group chat function, an activity feed, and the ability to require that workers acknowledge important content.

Workvivo is a powerful internal communications platform for organizations that increases engagement and productivity by promoting community in the workplace. It utilizes a familiar newsfeed-style social setting, which makes employees comfortable with the tool from the get-go. It is available as a desktop app, mobile app, and web-based solution so that you can access it anywhere.

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