How to Create a Custom Wardrobe Closet

A custom wardrobe closet provides the opportunity to customize a storage space for your clothes without the need for a full remodel. These closet kits are typically shipped in modular pieces that are easy to assemble and install. Most can be moved or rearranged as needed, too, for a customizable space that will change with your needs over time.

To create a custom wardrobe closet, start with accurate measurements of the space. Then, assess your clothing and the storage solutions you need to maximize the space, such as hanging rods and shelves. Once the plan is set, purchase or rent the necessary tools and materials and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to assemble and install your closet system.

Some people want to include a nook for folding clothes in their wardrobe closet, while others may simply use the closet as a dressing room. Either way, a custom closet design that incorporates shelving and drawers can provide the ultimate solution for organizing your clothing and shoes. This nook in this wardrobe closet from Les Ensembliers is outfitted with a small desk for a bedroom or home office and a chest of drawers with scoop handles that prevent clothing from protruding out.

It’s important to note that when putting together your wardrobe closet, make sure your cabinets have holes on the inside so that you can reposition your drawers and shelving as you see fit. This is important because the types of clothing you have will change over time, and if you’re short on space or taller than average, having the ability to adjust your rods and shelves is a must.

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