How to Earn Money with Google AdSense

Whenever you launch a website, one of the key challenges you encounter is how to monetize your traffic. As every website publishers learns, managing a website is time-consuming and can be rather costly. So unless you’re merely using your website to promote a real-world business, you no doubt want to earn money from the daily traffic on your website.

As you probably know, advertising is a common way companies monetize websites. You can use your website traffic numbers to attract advertisers, who in turn can promote their goods to your sizeable audience.  The difficulty is, selling your own advertising requires experience and contacts.

This is where Google AdSense comes in.  Google AdSense offers you Google’s huge advertising network to place targeted ads on your website. Advertisers who opt in to Google’s display network pay for impressions or clicks on their ads. Google collects the revenue generated from advertising impressions and clicks and shares that revenue with you. Signing up and inserting ads on your site is easy and requires no advertising expenses on your part.

Getting Targeted Advertising

Google AdSense displays targeted Google ads on your website. You select from any number of ad formats in AdSense, including text ads, image ads, link units, video ads and gadget ads.  You are able to incorporate any or all of these ad formats into your website and generate ad revenue when they are shown or clicked.

Advertisers pay Google to advertise on any website like yours that subscribes to Google AdSense.  These websites are part of what’s called the Google Display Network.  Google collects from advertisers when their Google ads are shown or clicked, depending upon whether advertisers choose pay-per-impressions or pay-per-clicks.  Google shares this advertising revenue with the website that displayed the ad. The percentage of ad revenue shared between Google and its partner websites is known as the Google AdSense revenue share.

Understand the AdSense Revenue Share

The amount of revenue Google shares with partner websites depends upon the advertising format. AdSense for content, which includes all Google ads placed on a standard webpage, earns publishers 68% of the amount Google collects from advertisers. AdSense for search, which includes all Google ads placed in the search results within a publisher’s webpage, earns publishers 51% of the amount collected from advertisers. Google has chosen not reveal the Google AdSense revenue share for other advertising formats. Agence de Publicité sur les réseaux sociaux paris

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