How to Fix Timex Ironman Watch Bands

If your Timex Ironman watch band recently broke, fixing it up on your own may not be a preferable option. However, if you are well equipped and have the right amount of patience to carry out this task, you can fix it. The basic things that are required are: a new watch band that you can purchase from any of the watch outlets or via Internet and a watch band pin removing tool (which is available in the watch repairing store).

First step is to choose the place where you are going to fix your watch. This has to be ultra clean and it is advisable to use a piece of clean cloth over which you can place your watch such that the dial touches the cloth. This helps in preventing scratches that can be made to your dial. Next, you need to remove the earlier, damaged band and then place your watch over the cloth as described.

Using the pin removal tool, you can slowly force the pins out on either side of the watch. You may choose to use the same pins for your new watch band in case you were not provided with additional pins on purchase. Even if you did find your new watch bands with pins, make sure that you preserve these new ones safely just in case you may need it on account of losing one of the old ones.

The next step is to position the pins correctly against the retaining holes. Apply mild pressure from one side of the watch retaining hole so that the pin clearly reaches the other hole of the watch band. Once you are done with this, repeat the same with the other watch band on the other side of the watch.

Your watch is now ready to be worn. All that you need to do is to ensure that the pins have rested correctly and are positioned well to hold the watch bands together. It may sound like a simple procedure. However, you need extreme patience to perform this repair. Battery replacement for watches near me

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