How to Install Lag Bolts

Lag Bolts are some of the toughest fasteners available and are used for connecting heavy lumber and materials that will bear an intense load. They cut their own holes so they don’t require pre-drilling like wood screws and sheet metal screws. They are also larger and stronger than other types of screws and have a hex head to allow for better gripping in the material they’re being driven into.

Lagged bolts (also called lag screws) can be used in a variety of applications and for a number of different materials including concrete, steel and wood. The most common use for lag bolts however is for building projects and repairs in the home. This includes wood structures like a backyard deck or wooden playground equipment as well as repairing the roof and foundation of the house.

In order to properly install lag bolts you’ll need the following items: – Tape measure to make sure you are using the correct size lag screw for your project – Clamps to keep the two materials you’re installing together steady while you drill a pilot hole in each – A drill with a socket attachment to tighten the lag bolts – A spade drill bit to create the countersink hole where the lag bolt heads will be – A ratcheting socket wrench to help you tighten the lag bolts until they’re flush with the material Lag Bolts

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