How to Upgrade Norcold Cooling Units

When it comes to rv refrigeration, norcold units are known for being built tough. A Norcold refrigerator can be run on gas or LP, allowing it to operate in the event that you lose power while on the road. They also feature an absorption cooling unit that makes them much less noisy than residential refrigerators. However, over time the cooling unit can start to fail and it is often necessary to replace the old one with a new unit.

When doing a norcold cooling unit replacement, great care needs to be taken with the installation of the new one. Many manufacturers give instructions that include the use of Thermo-Mastic around the sealing joint between the evaporator foam pack and the pocket. This is a bad idea, because it acts as a thermal conductor rather than an insulator.

Thermo-Mastic will conduct heat to the boiler tube causing it to overheat and possibly leak coolant into the refrigerator cabinet. This can cause a yellow residue behind the refrigerator, and/or a strong ammonia smell.

To combat this, we are now offering a norcold cooling unit upgrade that transforms your existing norcold 1200 / 1210 refrigerator into a freon based system similar to what is found in most residential fridges. It mounts in the same place as the ammonia unit and uses the existing electronic controls. This upgrade will make your refrigerator perform better and last longer than the original ammonia unit. It also includes a fan mounted on the top side of the refrigerator to pull heat out of the unit much sooner than the original fans did. norcold cooling units

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