How to Use a Silver Polishing Cloth on Brass and Copper

A silver polishing cloth is a piece of fabric that is treated with anti-tarnish agents and cleaning compounds. It is designed to clean and buff out tarnish on silver and is said to be faster and more affordable than a silver dip.

You can buy a silver polishing cloth at many department stores or specialty jewellery shops. The price can be as little as $10 and it is said to be reusable for several years. It is recommended that you store it in a sealed plastic bag to prevent it from drying out and losing its polishing power.

Can I Use a Silver Polishing Cloth on Brass or Copper?
Yes, but first you should thoroughly clean the metals with warm water and mild soap to remove any oxidation or corrosion. Then you can follow up with the silver polishing cloth to restore the lustre to the metal. Like silver, brass and copper tarnish and lose their luster when they oxidize. The silver polishing cloth will be effective on these metals by removing the copper sulfide that causes them to tarnish and lose their shine.

You can also make your own silver polishing cloth by soaking a piece of soft square flannel in a solution of distilled water and liquid silver polish and cleaner. When you’re done, simply dry the cloth and keep it in a sealed plastic bag. Another easy silver cleaning recipe is to rub a small amount of non-gel toothpaste on the silverware or jewellery with a clean cloth or paper handkerchief. The non-abrasive ingredients in the toothpaste are thought to dissolve tarnish and clean off jewellery or silverware without damaging it.

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