How to Use Pick Up Lines to Attract Girls

Using Pick up lines (or openers) is a common way for men to get the courage to approach and start talking to women. They can also be useful for generating conversation topics and icebreakers. However, if used incorrectly, they can be harmful to your dating life and unattractive to girls. Ultimately, what matters to a woman is your confidence, how sincerely you care about her and how authentically you communicate that.

Firstly, it goes without saying that pick up lines should not be offensive or inappropriate. Generally speaking, overly suggestive lines that focus on the physical are a bad idea as they often objectify women and can make her feel uncomfortable. Also, they are less likely to be effective over the long term as it’s difficult to establish genuine intimacy and connection using these techniques.

On the other hand, a simple line like “Can I buy you a drink?” is a good opener that can be effective as well as non-invasive and respectful. It allows you to genuinely compliment her, which makes her feel good and is more likely to lead to further conversation.

Ultimately, a pick up line only works when it is delivered with confidence and swagger. A confident man who can speak his mind and make a girl laugh is far more attractive than a nervous man with an average line. It’s important to be confident, but not cocky, as a woman can quickly smell disingenuous behavior.

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