M15 Gas Masks

A m15 gas mask is a military grade respiratory device used by the Israeli Defense Forces and law enforcement agencies. It is designed to protect the wearer from nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) warfare agents. It is a lightweight and comfortable mask that fits easily on the face. It also has a superior NATO 40 mm filter that safely purifies the user’s air. It’s an excellent choice for those who need a protective mask that will not interfere with their physical activity.

GP-5 civilian gas masks were produced three times more than the population of the Soviet Union and was in impressive quantities in many houses and in civil defense shelters. This gas mask is still a common training respirator for life safety classes, although it is often replaced by modern soviet era gas masks and occasionally modern US military gas masks as well.

It has five elastic straps that connect to the head harness and a mouthpiece that stretches over the face. The body and orinasal cup are made from soft rubber that resists penetration by chemicals. It takes threaded 40 mm NATO filters and lasts about 8 hours when it’s taken out of the seal. It also has a side voice diaphragm and a drinking tube attachment that is compatible with M7 clamp on style VPUs.

This type of m15 gas masks are popular because they offer a high level of protection against biological, chemical and nuclear threats. They also have a visor that is clear for visibility and are resistant to scratching. They are easy to wear, comfortable and fit a wide range of facial sizes. They are also light, which makes them ideal for military and police use. The only downside is that it can get foggy and you must remove the helmet to talk.

The m15sp mask is manufactured in accordance with the original M15 Israeli Military gas mask however it has been adjusted for civilian use. It carries all the necessary certifications to ensure it provides full protection against all known NBC agents. It is lightweight, easy to wear and adjust, has a clear visor for a field of vision of up to 85% and is made from soft rubber that’s gentle on the skin.

The m15sp mask has been used by the Israel Defence Forces for decades. It offers a full face, eye and respiratory protection against all known NBC agents. It has been approved by U.S. NIOSH labs – Approval Number TC-8A-383A. The M15sp gas mask is a perfect choice for military and law enforcement personnel who need a high level of protection against the threat of biological, chemical and nuclear warfare. It is made of a soft and flexible rubber that’s easy to wear and adjustable to fit different facial shapes and sizes. It can be worn with a beard, but it’s recommended to keep the beard trimmed or shaved. The M15sp is also available in a variety of colors. m15 gas masks

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