Manicure Equipment – What to Look For in a Manicure Set

A manicure set is an essential item for any woman who is serious about at-home nail care. Not only does it make the job easier but it also ensures that your nails look polished and professional. There are many different types of Manicure Equipment available but you should always be sure to purchase one made out of stainless steel as it will not rust and eliminates the risk of tetanus when using the tools. Also be sure that the set you are purchasing comes with a convenient and sleek carrying case.

A basic manicure set contains a set of nail clippers, nail files, a cuticle nipper and a pusher. Some kits even have a mirror and a nail buffer. There are many other items you can add to your kit if you want to get more into at-home manicures but the basics should always be included in every nail tool collection.

Nail cutters (also called nail clippers) are the most important part of a manicure kit. They are used to trim the nail to a desired length or to remove any extra skin that has built up around the nail. The best nail cutters have rounded cutting edges that will not damage the nail or the skin around it. The larger clippers in a manicure kit are for the toenails while the smaller clippers are for the fingernails.

The nail file is the next most important piece of manicure equipment. Nail files are great for getting into hard to reach areas of the nail that a nail clipper would not be able to reach. They are also great for getting rid of any dirt or debris that has collected under the nail. The best nail files are made out of stainless steel as they will not rust and they can be disinfected easily. A good nail file will have a fine grit that will allow you to smooth the surface of the nails but not over-buff and cause your nails to become dull.

A nail buffer is another tool that should be in every manicure kit. A nail buffer can help to smooth out any bumps or ridges on your nails and will leave them shiny. Nail polish will last longer and look more professional if your nails are smoothed before applying a coat of color.

Lastly, the cuticle nipper is another important tool in the manicure kit. Cuticle nippers should be a little bit bigger than the other nail tools but they are used to snip away any dead skin that is not growing properly. The best cuticle nippers will be very sharp but they should not cut any living tissue as this can lead to infection.

Another great tool to have is a glass manicure stick which has recently become quite popular. GERmanikure’s glass manicure sticks have two tips that allow for pushing back cuticles and cleaning under the nails as well as filing hangnails. Glass nail files and cuticle pushers are great because they can be disinfected and they will not break like wood or metal nails may do if dropped. Manicure Equipment

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