Manicure Tables and Nail Technician Tables

If you want to run a professional nail salon, then it is essential that you have high-quality furniture. The manicure table you choose can make or break your clients’ experience in your salon and ultimately decide if they will return again. A quality manicure table should offer comfort, hygiene, and a clean workspace for your technicians. It should also be easy to clean and sanitize between each client and provide ample storage space for tools.

We carry a variety of premium manicure tables to meet the needs of all types of salons and technicians. Our collection includes single, double, and triple manicure tables. We also have portable manicure stations that are perfect for taking to career fairs and networking events to showcase your work.

Manicure tables are used for a variety of services that include painting, manicures, and pedicures. They are usually designed with a padded arm rest to allow the client to relax while receiving a service. Some models are also equipped with a black adjustable lamp and two methacrylate shelves for products. Our manicure tables are available in various laminate colors to match your salon’s style and theme.

The decision between a manicure table or a nail technician table and chair should be made based on the specific needs of your salon. Both options have their pros and cons, but the choice should be based on the type of services you offer, the amount of space in your salon, and your budget.

Nail technician tables typically offer less versatility than manicure tables, but they are a great option for smaller salons and independent nail technicians. They can save space and be more cost-effective than manicure tables. They are also lightweight and can be moved easily, giving you the flexibility to change your salon layout.

Both manicure tables and nail technician tables are designed to accommodate the needs of a salon’s technicians and clients. They both offer a number of benefits, including ergonomic design, ease of cleaning, and versatility.

Choosing the right salon furniture is an important decision that can have a huge impact on the experience of both your clients and technicians. Having high-quality furniture that is comfortable, hygienic, and functional will help your nail professionals provide top-notch services to their clients.

If you are looking for a new manicure table, consider the Tempo Collection NM 901 from American Beauty Equipment. This stylish manicure table features a sleek, linear framework with contrasting inlays of white. Its beautiful solid quartz work surface is spacious and has multiple openings to organize power cords. It is available in 10 different laminate colors to coordinate with your salon decor, including Matte Black, Shaker Cherry, Sterling Ash, Wild Cherry, Cafelle, Fusion Maple, Brighton Walnut, Graphite Nebula, and White Twill. You can even have the NM 901 customized to fit your exact salon layout. This is a truly versatile and functional manicure table that can take your salon to the next level. Tables Manucures

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