Minimalist Baby Registry – What To Include And What Not To Register For

A Minimalist Baby Registry: What To Include And What Not To Register For
When creating a minimalist baby registry you want to include items that will last through multiple stages of life. This includes car seats, strollers and high chairs. You also want to avoid registering for items that will only be used for one season or a few months. Examples of these would be blankets and cute clothes. Babies grow so fast, that they will outgrow those cute outfits before they even wear them once.

If you do need a blanket on hand it is best to buy a large fleece throw and then register for a few smaller blankets in different sizes. This way you will have the perfect size blanket for your baby whenever you need it and you can always get more if needed. You can also skip the hats and shoes on your minimalist baby registry and pick these up once you are ready for them. You will likely be gifted many of these anyway!

The other thing to avoid on your minimist baby registry is big plastic toys like bouncers and swings. Occupational therapists and developmental experts have largely advised against these types of toys for infants as they can hinder the natural movement of the body and cause muscle issues later in life.

If you are a frugal minimalist and have some items you don’t plan to use, try donating them to your local women’s shelter or selling them on Rakuten. This is an easy and convenient way to make some extra cash for your future baby needs!

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