Mistakes To Avoid Around The Electrical Panel To Maintain Its Efficiency

Electrical panel is an important component of the electricity supply system to be installed for its functioning. It divides the electrical power feed into different subsidiary circuits along with providing the complete functions of a protective fuse to all the circuits in a common enclosure. It prevents malfunctioning and provides overload protection of wiring which saves you from the disastrous fire.

The device is specifically designed to protect you from being electrocuted at the time of faults. The crucial device is used widely and wisely for a large number of industrial applications. At the time of the emergencies, the device has the ability to turn on and off the power supply to the appliances. There are common sins committed by the industrial users than might result in extreme.

It is utterly important to find out if your electrical panel has got outdated and there maybe two reasons of replacing the electrical panel: if you need to add more loads but the limit is exceeded or you want to upgrade the fuses to the circuit breakers. However, different mistakes you commit ages your panel system and you might end up leaving the device sooner. To avoid the bunch of the mistakes, we have amazing tricks and tips for all the industrial users of electrical panel out there.

Common Sins People Make That Ages The Electrical Panel System:-

Securing The Screws Untidily – Using wrong, drywall type or any sharp pointed screws damage the wire insulation inside the enclosure; short a wire or even burst into fire sometimes. Removal of screws or the covering box should get done by a professional only to avoid any hard situation.

Surrounding The Panel With Frames, Walls, Cabinets, Etc. – Make sure that the front cover of the panel is easily accessible and removable. The removal of cover for the servicing purposes should be easy if you keep the front free with enough space. This is why you should keep the enclosures clear.

Locating Water Heaters Or Painting The Walls – Whether you are relocating the furnace or water heater or you are planning to paint the walls, mind the distance from the opening of the panel to keep it free from all the obstructions. While painting the walls, don’t seal the panel door with silicon or caulking. Also, don’t paint the interior or breakers as it might affect its efficiency.

Ignoring The Missing Breakers In Panel –┬áThe device should be equipped with all the breakers as every opening has special plug-in and missing breakers could be a reason to catch fire. The isolated points emit high voltage, which can cause you serious problems. Electrical Panel

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