Moss Agate Wedding Rings

moss agate wedding ring is the perfect gemstone for those looking for a ring that evokes the beauty of nature. This beautiful stone is said to encourage emotional stability and help you find balance in your life. It is also believed to promote new friendships and cultivate a sense of connection with the people around you.

This gorgeous gemstone is a semi-precious variety of the quartz chalcedony family, with milky white or clear bases and green dendritic inclusions that look like tendrils. Because of its unique color and pattern, every piece of moss agate is different from the next. Some feature a delicate light green color against a pure white background, while others have thick and dense inclusions with colors of brown or red.

Agate is relatively durable, but not as tough as some other popular gemstones like sapphire and diamond. It rates about 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale and has a good degree of hardness. Moss agate rings are sturdy enough to be worn daily, but we recommend removing them while doing any manual labor or gripping items with force. You should also avoid wearing them for long periods of time in water or while doing household chores that involve harsh chemicals.

Unlike most gemstones, moss agate can be cut into an incredible variety of shapes. This gives you a lot of options when it comes to finding the perfect ring for your significant other, and means that you can be sure to find a style that suits her perfectly. Moss agate rings are particularly lovely when set in yellow gold, which complements the green and red tones of the gemstone.

There are many designs to choose from when choosing a moss agate ring, but we’ve highlighted some of our favorite pieces below. We think you’ll agree that they’re all stunning!

The Moss Agate Crown Ring

This gorgeous moss agate ring features an incredible sun and moon motif. It is adorned with natural diamonds and agate, creating a truly unique ring that is both elegant and romantic. This ring is also available in rose gold, which pairs beautifully with the earthy green tones of moss agate.

The Moss Agate Heart Ring

This moss agate heart-shaped ring is perfect for expressing your love for your significant other. The ring features a moss agate heart that is surrounded by natural diamonds and agate. This is a great ring to wear on special occasions and is a perfect gift for someone that you care about.

The Moss Agate Solitaire Ring

This gorgeous moss agate moss solitaire ring is perfect for any occasion. It is a simple yet sophisticated ring that will definitely catch the eye of anyone who sees it. It is a great option for anyone who is searching for a ring that is unique and elegant.

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