Ozark Trail Tents Are The Real Deal

If you are a lover of nature and looking forward to stepping out and enjoying the wilderness then you may opt for Ozark trail tents. Although they are not of supreme quality they are inexpensive and are quite suitable for novices. In the United states Ozark Trail tents are being manufactured by the renowned North Pole Company. The entire range of the camping equipment is available in the wal-Mart shop and the store sells it as its “In house” brand. Ozark trail tents are available in different sizes and shapes and prices vary from twenty to about one hundred and forty USD.

The tents are available in a vast array of colors, sizes, features and shapes to cater to your individual needs.

Some of the Ozark trail tents make use of ‘drytek’ material, which renders it waterproof. Usually the expensive tents only have the special waterproof material called ‘Dry Tek’. The DryTek fabric is meant to bead off the raindrops and roll off the tent. The tents are designed carefully to keep away rain water. The drytek fabric ensures that the tent is kept dry. The ‘dry guard skirt’ helps to keep the floor clean. The ‘dry lock seams’ ensures that the tent is well sealed and there is no leakage. The seams of the floor are elevated to ward off water.

The capacity of the tents varies. The ones accommodating four persons are quite comfortable and easy to set up and dismantle. Those apt for six persons are available in different shapes, like those with awnings or those with twin rooms and again those catering for the entire family. There are dome models with awnings in a 6 person tent and some are as large as a cabin of 2 rooms!

The quality of the tent is average and they are not quite recommended for professional campers or hikers. It is suitable for people who do not go camping or hunting very often and are not willing to spend too much on camping gears.

Reaction to Ozark trail tents is not very encouraging. While some have no complaints, many however are dissatisfied with the product.

These tents are recommended if you are going for hunting in a dry place and don’t expect rainfall. In the event of rainfall you may not find the tent to be water proof enough as the water tends to seep in once you popup the tent. The tent is excellent for décor but it is not as strong and sturdy as it seems. The poles are unreliable and they either split or tear through the roof. Keep these factors in mind while selecting these tents.

Inspite of these minor drawbacks these tents make a great first buy tent till you are sure of what you need. Ozark Trail Customer Service

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