Real Estate Transactions Management Software

A real estate transaction management system is the behind-the-scenes process used to manage a property deal from start to finish. It includes document storage and organization, electronic signatures, email notifications, a client portal and more. A successful real estate transaction management system can help to create a smooth, transparent and efficient experience for clients that boosts client satisfaction levels.

Brokers, agents and transaction coordinators who utilize real estate transaction management software can streamline the way they handle deals and keep track of all documentation related to each one. This helps to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks, resulting in delays, frustrations and misunderstandings.

The best real estate transaction management systems offer a number of features that can make the entire process easier for everyone involved, including:

Brokermint is a full-featured brokerage platform designed to help agents and brokers achieve success in multiple ways. It offers real estate transaction management and marketing automation tools, agent performance tracking, lead generation capabilities, and back-office real estate accounting.

It also provides a client communication portal, which allows real estate professionals to easily share timelines, key tasks and important documents with their clients. Brokermint can be integrated with other popular real estate technology solutions such as DocuSign and Google Workspace.

Founded in 2020, Open to Close is a newer real estate transactions management software solution that offers agents and brokers an intuitive and easy-to-use platform for managing their deals. The company says that it allows users to “turn chaos into clarity.” Some of the most notable features include a document storage system that supports contracts, escrow agreements, closing documents and more; an automated task system that helps to remind agents of important deadlines and milestones; and an e-signature solution for faster approvals.

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