Reformer Pilates Wollongong

When it comes to reformer pilates wollongong there are plenty of options, however finding a qualified experienced instructor is worth its weight in gold. Pilates when performed correctly is amazing for a body conditioning workout. This is a great low impact way to strengthen the body and improve posture. There are so many benefits of pilates, including improved core stability, increased flexibility and reduced back pain.

The Wellness Centre has a range of classes to suit any fitness goal. They also have specific pre-natal, post natal and post rehabilitation classes. These are taught by highly trained instructors and offer support & education during this unique time in a woman’s life. They also incorporate a Mindful Movement approach to all their classes. This promotes body awareness through focused and precise exercises, allowing you to learn (or re-learn) how to move your body at its optimal level. There may be hands on adjustments in these classes.

KX Pilates has state of the art Clinical Pilates equipment which includes reformer beds, Wunda chairs and other fun toys like foam rollers and bosu balls. This helps to create a more challenging and effective workout, as well as improving your results. They also use the latest research in exercise science, and are the only studio in Wollongong that offers a SCULPT class – this is an innovative new class with dynamic, high-intensity movements designed to burn fat and strengthen the body.

They also have a Barre Attack class, this is a high intensity dance and barre workout with upbeat music. This class incorporates ballet and Pilates principles with a mix of barre, cardio and stretch sections using the barre, elastic bands and small hand weights. The whole class is 50 minutes and uses the kaizen philosophy of small, continuous improvements for long lasting results.

They also have a range of casual passes, packs and memberships to suit any lifestyle. All bookings can be done online, so it’s easy to book in your next treatment at a time that suits you. Say goodbye to appointment cards! Bookwell has changed the way people book treatments, saving them both time and money. Say hello to a happier you! Bookwell is available on all major mobile devices and desktops. Download the app today!

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