Refrigerant Recovery Machines For HVAC

Refrigerant recovery machines for HVAC are a must-have tool for any service technician. However, there are many factors to consider when choosing a model. The price tag is obviously a major factor, but other features also play an important role. For example, some models have dual cylinders which can save you time and money by reducing the number of refrigerant transfers. Another consideration is the type of compressor used in the machine. Both hermetic and oil-less compressors are available, with hermetic models being generally more expensive.

The type of recovery process used in the machine is also a factor to consider. Some models recover vapor and liquid refrigerant, while others only recover the liquid. Vapor recovery is usually faster, but it may not be possible for some systems.

A good recovery machine should be portable, lightweight, and durable. It should also be easy to use and include all the necessary accessories to ensure a smooth experience. For example, a good model should have an inline sight glass for push-pull recovery so the user can visually check when the liquid flow has stopped. Another essential feature is a digital pressure display that allows the user to see when the cylinder has reached a vacuum.

In order to extend the life of a refrigerant recovery machine, it is recommended to clean the machine after each use and to run a capful of refrigerant oil or vacuum pump oil through it before and after every job. This will help to remove any copper particles, brazing spatter, or acid contamination that has made its way past the filter drier. Refrigerant recovery machines for HVAC

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