Selecting a British Male Voiceover

If you are an ad agency, film production house or post-production studio, deciding on the right voice for your project is a big decision. You want a tone to connect and convince your audience to take action. Maybe it’s a warm, soothing voice to guide them through some dry e-learning. Or perhaps it’s a chatty, conversational voice with subtle humour for a commercial or explainer video. Or a nuanced, character-driven voice for an animation or video game.

A male British voice is often the ideal choice for projects that need a authoritative and serious tone, such as marketing cars, computers and banking services. They can also add drama and power to commercials about legal services, property and insurance. Talented English voice actors like Sir Patrick Stewart, Stephen Fry, Martin Jarvis and Benedict Cumberbatch can use their voices to create characters in movies, animations, audiobooks and video games. Their deep resonant tones are assuring, yet full of character.

When selecting a british male voiceover, you should consider the target audience, suitable tone for your project and what emotions you wish to trigger. This will help you narrow down your search and select the best artist for the job. You can also ask friends, colleagues and family members for recommendations and look at clients’ reviews.

UK-based Paul Berry is a professional native English voiceover artist with 23 years of experience. He provides high-quality native English voiceovers for radio, apps, TV and web video – as well as e-learning, corporate narration, wildlife documentary and internet explainer videos. He has a natural, friendly and believable voice with a wide range of tones, timbres and accents. Send your project details for a free quote! british male voiceover

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