Tag Heuer Repair and Service

Whether your Tag Heuer is an automatic, chronograph or quartz model it should be serviced regularly to ensure the watch continues to function as it was designed and built to. The movement is the internal mechanism that makes your watch tick and this work is complex. It is best done by a professional.

You might be tempted to bring your Tag Heuer to a local jeweler or watch repair shop for repair and the likelihood is that they will be more than happy to do the work. However, be aware that doing so will likely void your watch’s warranty. This is because the watchmakers working on your watch are not authorized by Tag Heuer to work on the watches.

While it is possible to do some basic maintenance such as a battery replacement or strap change on your own, most repairs to the internal mechanisms of your Tag Heuer are best left to a watch repair specialist. This is not to say that they can’t be done but that the risks associated with DIY watch repair are far greater.

It is recommended that your Tag Heuer be serviced every 3 to 5 years depending on use and condition. Each watch sent in for repair is carefully examined and tested by a master watchmaker who prepares a detailed cost estimate before any work is completed. A typical Tag Heuer automatic watch service typically costs between $380 and $400. This can include a complete overhaul or partial maintenance depending on the watch. This includes all parts and labor.

Chronograph models are a bit more complicated and may require additional testing and repairs. These services can add up quickly and can often result in a higher service cost than a non-chronograph Tag Heuer.

During the process of Tag Heuer repair and servicing the watch is first dismantled into its individual parts. These parts are then thoroughly cleaned using several proven techniques. After cleaning the parts are reassembled and thoroughly tested over a period of several days. This can include running the chronograph functions to ensure all of the mechanical components are functioning properly.

Many Tag Heuer owners are searching for a world-class repair center that can handle their vintage or older models of the Swiss luxury brand watches. They want to find a repair shop that has the history and experience necessary to ensure their watches remain in top condition. In New York City, there is one watch repair specialist who can meet the needs of these customers. Ron Gordon is a certified TAG Heuer repair technician and has a long history of repairing and restoring the watches for his customers. His passion for the brand is evident in his work. He is dedicated to ensuring each customer receives the highest quality of care for their watches. To learn more about this premier watch repair company, visit his website or call today for a free consultation. He is also available to answer any questions about TAG Heuer repair.

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