The Benefits of a Dental Chair

A dental chair is a tool used to support the patient for dental procedures, ranging from teeth cleanings to oral surgery. It has a reclining mechanism and can accommodate adults and children. There are many different types of dental chairs, varying in size, shape and price. They can have a number of features, including adjustable headrests and armrests.

A good dentist chair is designed to be comfortable for both the patient and operator. It should be made of high-quality materials that are easy to clean and disinfect. The chair’s upholstery should be padded and contoured to the shape of the patient’s body. The patient should be able to relax in the chair, making them more willing to cooperate during their treatment.

The dental chair should also have a flexible headrest that can be adjusted in several ways, such as by raising and lowering the seat or by moving it up and down. It should also be able to tilt the headrest for better access to the mouth and provide comfortable positioning for the patient.

Poorly designed patient chairs can cause the dentist to hunch over the patient, which can lead to back or spinal problems. These can have long-term effects on the dentist’s health. The A-dec 400, by DENTALEZ Group, is said to help prevent these problems with an ergonomic design that enhances the dentist’s comfort and versatility in movement. It has a double articulating headrest that can be moved in multiple positions, an articulating armrest and a touch pad control with programmable preset positions.

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