The Benefits of Telephone Headsets

telephone headsets allow you to take hands free calls in a comfortable way. They have a microphone that picks up your voice and reduces ambient noise so the caller hears only you. Some models are designed with a mute button, a speaker volume control and compatibility settings for your specific phone. Amplifiers are powered by AA batteries and beep when the battery level is low, alerting you to replace the battery. They also come with two cords; one is a coiled wire that connects the amplifier to your phone and the other is a straight or molded cable with a quick disconnect connection to attach your headset.

Improves ergonomics
Cradling a handset receiver between your shoulder and ear for long periods of time creates back and neck discomfort. A headset can eliminate this issue, allowing you to work more comfortably throughout the day.

Increases productivity
Having a telephone headset allows you to leave your desk and move around while on a call, currently up to 300ft from your telephone. This gives you the ability to retrieve documents from a printer, walk into the showroom to describe stock to a customer and more, without missing any calls that would otherwise go to voicemail and require you to spend time returning them.

In addition, you can continue to work on other tasks and do other paperwork or emails while on a telephone call with a headset. With a wired headset, you would be tied down to your desk and only able to do one thing at a time.

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