Tianeptine – What is ZAZA Red?

Tianeptine, also known as Zaza Red or Tianna Red, is a synthetic drug that has gained popularity in the United States as it works like an opioid but is legal. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has seen a recent spike in calls to poison control centers about this new substance that people can purchase legally at convenience stores. A Madisonville police department spokesman said that officers visited several convenience stores to educate employees and remove any ZaZa Red products from the shelves.

ZAZA Red is available in capsule form, and can be found in kratom extracts, nootropic blends, and other supplements that claim to have tianeptine. It is illegally marketed as an herbal supplement, which means it does not have to undergo the same rigorous testing as prescription drugs. It is often referred to as a nootropic and is believed to enhance mood, increase energy levels, and improve memory. It is considered safe when taken as directed, but long-term use can lead to addiction and dependence.

It is sold as a weight loss product, a pain reliever, an antidepressant, and more. It is a powerful opioid and is believed to work by binding to mu-opioid receptors in the brain. The DEA has seen a rise in reports of people using it recreationally, and some users have experienced withdrawal symptoms similar to those from heroin. The DEA has classified it as a Schedule 2 illegal narcotic.

Many people abuse tianeptine to help manage withdrawal symptoms from other types of opioids, especially heroin. It is a potent opioid that can be used orally, intravenously, or through inhalation. It is abused by itself or combined with other drugs such as alcohol, opiates, and phenibut to produce opioid-like effects. It is also used to reduce the pain caused by surgery or dental procedures.

The effects of tianeptine can last up to four hours. It can also cause dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. People who take it with other opioids can experience more intense withdrawal symptoms than if they took the drug alone. It can also bind to the NMDA receptor in the brain and cause seizures, which can be fatal.

ZAZA Red withdrawal can be helped by attending residential treatment programs away from home. These programs can provide education, support, and guidance about quitting the drug safely. The residential facilities can also offer medical detox, which can lessen withdrawal symptoms. This can make it easier for people to enter follow-up programs that will help them quit using other substances, including opioids.

Those who need treatment for Zaza Red withdrawal should contact a professional drug rehab center. These treatment programs can also help with other forms of substance abuse, such as alcohol and benzodiazepines. By offering support and guidance, these facilities can help their clients recover from all types of substance use disorders. They can even help their clients find sober living and recovery homes. They can also teach them how to avoid triggers and develop healthy coping skills.

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