Vitamins in skin care products

But sometimes, you can not recognize them at the first time, because in the cosmetic raw material, vitamins have a variety of derivatives!

Vitamin A belonging to the non-prescription products, can make the skin cells work properly, and even make skin cells become more vibrant. But there is a minor irritant, sensitive skin people needed to trial before use it; only use those opaque sealed packaging products, because of various forms of vitamin A repeated exposure to air and sunlight will degrade and deteriorate.

Vitamin A acid (retinoic acid), its true identity is the prescription level vitamin A. The active ingredient is higher than retinol, can promote epithelial cell proliferation, differentiation, Keratolysis and other metabolism, also can promote collagen production, mainly used for acne and aging skin those two problems. Due to vitamin A acid (retinoic acid) is vitamin A derivative, have teratogenic effects, so pregnant women should avoid to oral or topical use vitamin A acid products. In addition, vitamin A acid is greater irritating to the skin, so it needs to establish start using skin tolerability, used once every 3-4 days.

According to tretinoin manufacturer, vitamin A alcohol and vitamin A aldehyde are the derivatives of tretinoin. Protect the skin effects: vitamin A alcohol rub on skin, first turn into A aldehyde, and then converted into A acid, can play the effect. At present, vitamin A aldehyde is closest to the A acid composition, have good anti-acne and anti-aging effect, irritating is far less than the A acid, particularly suitable for those want to use vitamin A acid but afraid of their skin can not withstand.

Nicotinamide and nicotinamide are alias of vitamin B3, sometimes also referred to as “vitamin PP”, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, help cells to restore energy and whitening skin. Nicotinamide have the effect on repairing stratum corneum lipid barrier, improving damaged skin resistance and deep moisturizing, often used to improve oil secretion strong caused by oil and water imbalance. Nicotinamide is a relatively stable and mild ingredients, it itself has a soothing effect, added to skin care products can neutralize other stimulating ingredients. But there is still a small amount of people show up redness, tingling, itching and other discomfort after use, so that sensitive skin or first use of skin care products containing the ingredient should test on the arm or behind the ear skin. tretinoin cream

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