Want To Watch Funny Videos On The Move?

If you are a YouTube enthusiast, and enjoy watching the best music videos, interviews with your favourite stars or peoples silly home movies then you will be pleased to know that mobile network 3 have reached an agreement for the launch of the new enhanced version of YouTube for mobile phones. YouTube for mobiles is currently only available on 3 phones, so if you are struggling to get access to YouTube on your mobile, it could be worth considering 3 for your next upgrade or new phone.

YouTube is very popular and allows you to watch other people’s videos, create playlist of your favourite ones and also add your own videos to share with other people. You can pretty much find a video for all occasions, and if you have ever been on YouTube you will know that it is quite addictive and many an hour can be lost by simply browsing through the selection.

The new mobile version of the popular video website has new features such as:

You can sign into your YouTube account – to allow you to look at your favourite videos, add new ones and comment on videos

Largest mobile video catalogue available

Local UK content

Improved video streaming

All new videos immediately made available in mobile format

All 3 phones can access YouTube for mobiles with just the click of a couple of buttons – it will be available through the ‘3 launcher’ or via Planet3, so it should be pretty easy to show your friends or work colleagues that funny video you spotted last night without getting into trouble for using works computers. youtube playlist

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