Water Soluble Film Packaging Machine

A device for forming and packing sachets of powder, granule or other liquid and semi-liquid products. It can realize auto bag forming,dosage, filling, sealing, cutting and date printing. This equipment can pack products such as agricultural pesticides, agrochemicals, etc. It can be equipped with a liquid pump, allowing the packaging of liquids as well.

The device has a frame and a guide rail installed in the center of the frame. A pair of molds are arranged on either side of the frame. Each mold has a sleeve to accommodate the product and is connected to the forming and sealing mechanism with a film transmission system. A sealing solution is used to seal the sachets.

In one class of embodiments, the water-soluble film is made from polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH), including homopolymers thereof (e.g., including substantially only vinyl alcohol and vinyl acetate monomer units) or copolymers of PVOH. The water-soluble film can be wetted by any suitable method, including spraying a wetting agent (e.g., water, a solution of the film composition, a plasticizer for the film composition, or a combination thereof) onto the film surface before feeding it or into the molds.

The sachets are then sealed together, typically by continuously feeding a second film, preferably also a PVA or PVOH film, over and onto the open packets and then preferably sealing the first and second films together. The closing may be further enhanced by optionally forming a seal around each of the sealed packets. Water Soluble Film Packaging Machine

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