What is Deep Cleaning? What does a Deep Cleaning Include?

Deep cleaning is one of the cleaning services provided by most Cleaning companies in the UK. As the name suggests, Deep Cleaning is a thorough cleanout of a home. It can include many usually smaller services that can combine together to create a complete cleaning of your home. Deep Cleaning a House and Blitz cleaning a House are basically similar services, however a deep clean is better because it includes all there is in cleaning.

A Blitz cleaning is more Customized and people normally take out services they actually need just because they think it is unnecessary. A Deep Cleaning is set in stone and has a list of services provided, which you can add to or subtract from according to your living space.

These services may differ from company to company but they have the same basic outline, many of these use a long list of services, including many things that really actually don’t matter or are overemphasized. They can include these services just to lower their own costs and increase in the profit by making the cleaning rather expensive.

Things Included in Deep Cleaning

A Deep Cleaning is one of those services that is normally customized according to home or business, if you live in a flat, the cleaning would emphasize on different points than if you live in a house. The basic outline is the same however and it does not fluctuate much, only minor services fluctuate, in this list, we will only include the services that are usually flexible.

  1. Bedroom

Bedrooms are normally the main point of any home, the actual living space where you spend most your time. If you have guests coming, they will also spend most of their comfortable time in the guest bedrooms, this is why it is best to keep the bedrooms up to the par.

The Cleaning of a Bedroom includes the dusting of all the furniture, the detailed cleaning, and a dusting of the headboard of your bed. The dusting of the curtains and airing out of the room. The floors are vacuumed and the walls are also dusted.

All of the Ceiling fans are cleaned with washcloths or the fan blades are washed and dried after they have been taken off. The sheets are fixed and the pillows are fluffed, your wardrobe is cleaned so there is no dirty area or dust there.

  1. Living room

The Living room is the main seating area that all people that come to your home will see, it is definitely important and it needs to be cleaned accordingly because first impressions matter.

The Living room is also dusted, the full area is vacuumed if it is carpeted, if it is tiled then it can be washed instead. It all depends on the intensity of Deep Cleaning the House according to the demands.

Of course, people can include the service of Carpet cleaning into this, the steam clean method is extremely effective and you will not have to wait a long time for your carpets to become clean.

The Dusting of tables, shelfs and displays is also included, the items displayed out in the open are also dusted or washed according to the material, helping them look as good as new.

  1. Bathroom

A Bathroom is one of the main points of any home, the bathroom cleaning is regarded as one of the most important. Bathrooms having clogged sinks and greasy metal instalments is unsightly, so the cleaning of taps and shower heads is included, a fun fast is that you can even clear your taps at home yourself by using vinegar.

However, of course, a professional knows how to do it better, they help your metallic taps regain their shine and clean the non-metallic ones thoroughly. The bathtub is cleaned out, the walls are washed as any partition is also cleaned out, doesn’t matter if you have a screen or a shower curtain.   

  1. Kitchen

The Kitchen is a must when deep cleaning a house, most companies understand that, hence they pay special attention to services provided by the company. Kitchen cleaning includes the cleaning of tabs, the scrubbing and cleaning of the stove top, the counter top washing is included as well as a dusting of the smaller area.

Cupboards and Cabinets are washed, any areas on any taps with lime scare are cleared. The furniture in the kitchen is cleans and the electronics are wiped down. There are many different companies that may not include cleaning the electronic however, you can ask for it.

  1. Windows

Window Cleaning is what brings the home together, windows are normally either completely washed or they are cleaned with a cleaning solution. The doors all around the home are cleaned with similar solutions or they are simply just washed. The Cleaning of Windows is extremely important due to the fact that no matter how you clean the rest of the home, the windows can make it or break it. deep cleaning services

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