White German Shepherd: Guide To Long Haired White Shepherds

So if you want an adorable white prestigious dog, who acts and loves you exactly like a German Shepherd, and if you can cope with bathing the dog frequently to keep that white fur clean, then we suggest this White Shepherd is what you are looking for.

What Do We Know About White German Shepherds?

These dogs naturally belong to a diligent breed and have a high intellect.

They are not any different from the tanned German Shepherds. However, the only thing that distinguishes the two, is their white fur.

German Shepherds contain the same recessive white fur gene exactly like humans have the recessive blonde hair gene. This recessive gene thus results in white German Shepherd puppies.

Though this breed of German Shepherd was never quite popular due to their white color as compared to other color variations.

Yet undoubtedly, have been the second most registered breed, as per the sources of American Kennel Club.

These dogs are known as great professionals when it comes to working force professions, like police, military, and herding.

But they are also great at being a family pet due to their loving, protective, and loyal nature.

The Genesis of the Breed

These White German Shepherds were directly bred from the German Shepherd breed.

To understand the origin of this breed, we need to look into the German Shepherd’s background history.

Von Stephanitz discovered the German Shepherd at a dog show and thought that the dog breed would be best for a working dog.

He was inspired by the dog’s incredible intelligence, beauty, and behavior.

So he adopted the dog and named him “Horand” and soon the society for German Shepherds was created known as “Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde”.

84 puppies were bred from that dog as he was the first breed standard and gave birth to similar appearance dogs.

The Pedigree and Recognition of Kennel Club

In 1906, the dog was first taken to the United States of America and two years later, in 1908, he was registered in the American Kennel Club.

However, the White German Shepherd breed gods are neither registered nor recognized by the American Kennel Club.

They are known as a different breed by the United Kennel Club since the white color does not meet the breed standards of the American Kennel Club of the Shepherds. German classes London

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