Women’s Bamboo Leggings From Kulayan

A pair of versatile leggings is a must have in every woman’s wardrobe, whether for everyday use or to wear with a workout top. Our women’s bamboo leggings are soft to the touch and are made with eco-friendly organically grown bamboo fibre which is gentle against the skin. This also means the bamboo leggings are antibacterial, breathable and wick away moisture. They are a great choice for women with sensitive skin or who are concerned about chemicals and dyes in their clothing.

The fabric is OEKO-TEX certified which guarantees that it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and is safe to wear for those with allergies or sensitive skin. The fabric is lightweight, soft to the touch and has a good stretch. It is also incredibly comfortable to wear and can be worn all day, even in warmer temperatures.

This collection of women’s bamboo leggings are perfect for all sorts of activities from yoga to running errands and travelling. The leggings are available in a variety of colours and lengths, including 3/4 cropped leggings, perfect to pair with a loose or fitted top for a casual look.

These sustainable leggings are made with a blend of 70% bamboo viscose, 20% organic cotton and 10% elastane which is ideal for those looking for something to wear while running or doing light exercise. The blend of fabrics also ensures that the fabric is opaque, non see through and durable.

Bamboo is a very renewable resource and unlike other traditional plant sources used to make clothing, it doesn’t require pesticides or fertilizers to grow. This also makes it one of the most environmentally friendly materials to produce. It uses far less water during manufacturing, and it absorbs colour faster than cotton or other synthetic fabrics. This collection of leggings are made with a mix of the best bamboo fibre and organic cotton.

The organic bamboo leggings from Kulayan are designed and created in a small factory in Manila, Philippines. The brand creates samples, grading patterns and completes production all in-house, which allows them to keep the quality high while remaining cost-efficient. They are made with organic bamboo and cotton jersey that is OEKO-TEX certified, temperature regulating and gentle on the skin. women’s bamboo leggings

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